Friday, 12 December 2014

Fabula @ Hifest

Hi Hifest visitors and Fabula supporters!

Fabula needed a bit of time to let Hifest sink in!
Quentin Blake, John Vernon Lord, Ben Newman (Nowbrow), Alexis Deacon, Amber Hsu, Tiny Pencil, Wrap, Ohh Deer, John Bond, Rob Ryan dj'ing, we took part in a drawing workshop organised by Sarah Maycock - it was a lot to take in!
By the way, did we mention that we met Quentin Blake?? Hero!

Big thanks to the organisers! Hope to see everyone again next year!

Coming up next:

Fabula Collective @ Jubilee Library in Brighton, 10 - 18th January 2015. Watch this space!


Who'd have thought Rob Ryan is also a DJ? 

Fabula Collective and John Vernon Lord

Quentin Blake meets Fabula Collective!