Be part of the story - come and draw at Hove Museum!

Be part of the story - come and draw at Hove Museum!

Drawing in the museum and then a children's event and prize draw! Museums are full of objects that make you think of storie...

Friday, 21 April 2017

One Week Left To Join In!

Our drawing event is on until (and including) next Saturday 29th April.  Come along to Hove Museum and draw, draw, draw! We have made some frames for you to use if you would like. Then children can have their drawing entered into a prize draw to win art materials on April 29th. 

Anyone can enter our Instagram exhibition. Put it on yourself at #fabulacollective or leave your drawings at the museum and we will put them on Instagram for you and also exhibit them in the galleries on our: 

Children's fun day at Hove Museum on 

29th April from 12 - 4.30pm.  

As well as the prize draw there will be a treasure hunt and an art and craft workshops to join in with and Fabula members will be there to meet you all. 

Here are some of the great drawings we have had so far - to see more go to Instagram and search for #fabulacollective

Drawings by Layla, Andy, Eric, Billy, Gelareh and Catherine

Monday, 17 April 2017

Your Fabulous Drawings!

Some great examples below of drawings that have been done at Hove Museum by people taking part in our drawing event. We have received all sorts of different responses from people of all ages who have been inspired to draw at the museum.

By Eric

Thank you for leaving your drawings at the museum - or emailing them to us - we will post them on Instagram at #fabulacollective and you can see them again there. Children taking part who have left their work at the museum will also be entered into a prize draw. Names will be pulled out of a hat at our event on 29th April to win art materials.

For further information go to

By Erin age 7

By Alfie age 13

You will be able to see the actual drawings exhibited at Hove Museum on April 29th - come and see if you can work out where the inspiration came from.

By Nghia

By Sam

By Evie aged 4
To look at the drawings on Instagram go to @fabulacollective or #fabulacollective. We're looking forward to seeing more of them too! 

Fabulous write up in The Argus!

Thanks to Edwin Gilson for this fabulous write up about our drawing event in The Argus on Friday - did you see it? It's great to have the support of The Argus and we hope that as many local people as possible will now be able to take part in our drawing event - and enter an online exhibition and prize draw. Then come to our children's fun day on April 29th with loads of fun activities planned. Then after that see Children's Laureate Chris Riddell at the museum on May 6th for more creative fun. There's lots going on at Hove Museum  - come and join in!  

For more information about these Fabula events please go to 
Information about Chris Riddells event can be found at:

Fabulous drawings shown are by Catherine, Gelareh and Eric - all inspired by exhibits at Hove Museum

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How To Join In The Story!

All about our drawing event

Illustration by Clara WeiFu

The short story: 

  • First come to the museum during opening hours in April.
  • Choose a frame - Fabula have drawn some for you to use if you like. 
  • Choose something to draw in any of the galleries.
  • Draw it.
  • Photograph it and post it on Instagram with #fabulacollective 
  • Or email to us at and we will post it for you.
  • Leave it at the desk if you want it to be in the prize draw and pop up exhibition on Fabula Fun Day, 29th April at Hove Museum.*

Visual instructions by Clara Weifu

*Please leave drawings in the museum by the 23rd April for them to be included in the pop up exhibition at the museum. The prize draw is for children only.

The long story:

There is no right way to do this but here are some thoughts we had that may help you. 

Our exhibition is all about different ways to tell stories and it's being shown in a museum containing objects that have stories to tell. 

Please draw anything that inspires you!
  • Drawing and looking closely can create a special way to remember your experience. 
  • Perhaps you will wonder about this object or art work - how was made, what has happened to it, what does it remind you of? 
  • This could help your imagination while you draw. 
  • You could draw one object or several on one page. 
  • Maybe it will be purely a drawing from observation or perhaps it will join with your imagination as well. 
  • You don't have to be a great artist either - anyone can have a go and join in. 

We like the idea of each drawing having the potential to inspire a new story and we are hoping for an eclectic mix of images from people of all ages. We think the Instagram exhibition will make a brilliant online story of it's own!

Happy drawing and story making!

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Be part of the story - come and draw at Hove Museum!

Drawing in the museum and then a children's event and prize draw!

Museums are full of objects that make you think of stories and that makes them great places to draw and let your imagination wander. As part of our current exhibition - Many Ways To Tell A Story - we are holding a drawing event throughout April hosted by Hove Museum.  

Children's Laureate Chris Riddell, (who made us a hand drawn poster to publicise our show) spoke to us about how drawing can help to make objects and experiences memorable. We agree - we want to help children connect with the things that they see on display in any of the galleries. We want everyone to come and draw in the museum! 

Fabula love stories and we see this as an opportunity to make a big story online and that perhaps each individual drawing could be the inspiration for a story of its own. You don't have to be a great artist to take part and anyone can join in - it's not just for the kids!

How to join in

During museum opening hours in April have a good look around Hove Museum and find something to draw in one of the galleries. It could be something in our exhibition or something in the museum collections upstairs. 

Illustration by Clara WeiFu

Frame your work

We have made some decorative frames for you to use if you would like to. There are seven frames to choose from at the museum or you could draw your own. Or just use plain paper.

Then look, draw and imagine - however you want to join in. 

Be in an exhibition!

Online exhibition: After you have done your drawing post it on Instagram #fabulacollective or email your drawing to us at so that it can become part of an online exhibition.
Museum exhibition: If you'd like your drawing to be exhibited in the museum as well then leave it at the front desk.

Full details are available at the museum.

Come to an event

To celebrate everyones' drawings and the end of the exhibition come to:

Fabula Fun Day on 29th April from 12.00 - 4.30pm at Hove Museum.

Come and see your drawing exhibited in the museum, take part in a treasure trail, a prize draw, an arty-crafty workshop and have a chance to handle museum objects. 

Prize Draw!
All children who have drawn in the museum can be entered into a prize draw. Names will be pulled out of a hat to win some lovely art materials. Leave your drawing at the main desk to be entered into the prize draw. 

Wish box response

The Story Cabinet team are working hard towards a response to all the wishes we received in the small box near the mantlepiece - the wishbox. So, when you come on April 29th there will be more to see!

Thank you to everyone who put their wishes in the wishbox.

One of three cabinets that make up The Story Cabinet. This is our collaborative piece all about Fairy tales.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Chris Riddell comes to see Many Ways To Tell A Story

Children's Laureate Chris Riddell came to see our exhibition at Hove Museum so we just had to tell you about it...

Thank you to Chris Riddell for this hand drawn poster

It was very special to have Chris Riddell - children's laureate and successful, talented illustrator - visiting our exhibition. Knowing that he must be very busy we were delighted that he was so generous with his time.  It was fun walking around and talking with him as he commented on the art work and gave professional advice in a warm and self deprecating way. He also shared his fond memories of bringing his children to Hove Museum when they were small.

Chris even made this poster to help spread the word - we hope you can come and see this 'magical exhibition' for yourself.

The show is all about stories told in many ways and because of the variety of work, it appeals to all ages. We are very keen to spread the word about Hove Museum too because if you haven't experienced this gem of a museum yet you are really missing a treat.

Chris discussed doing an event with Fabula in the near future (exciting!) - we will keep you posted!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Fabula Word Project Is Back!

As you may know we have been very busy exhibiting but soon we are going to return to our wonderful word project. This has been an exciting project for us in the past because all of our members UK and overseas can be involved. It's always fun to see different interpretations of the same word and a challenge to try and respond to whatever is suggested.

We thought we'd post a selection of past words here to wet your appetite for more that will come soon...

Clockwise from top left: by Louise Dennis, Juliette Rajak, Madeleine Swift and Nele Anders.
The way that it works is that each new word is put forward by a different Fabula member for everyone to respond to. It isn't just single images that have been inspired by this project but also small sequences or stories - for example 'A Square' by Somin Ahn (a short story about a cat - see previous post about Somin Ahn) and 'Give Me A Cuddle' by Jay Eunji Lee.

Clockwise from top left: by Clara Weifu, Nele Anders, Penelope Chong, Louise Dennis, Somin Ahn, and Juliette Rajak.

We find it a creative way to work together across continents and a good way to inspire new work. We will be posting our next words soon - so watch this space!

Clockwise from top left: by Clara Weifu, Jay Eunji Lee, Katherine Perrett, Louise Dennis and bottom left by Juliette Rajak.