Saturday, 29 April 2017

Children's Event Today! - and What's Growing in Hove Museum?

At Hove Museum
Saturday 29th April 
from 12 - 4.30 pm
See an exhibition of all the fantastic drawings from people who have taken part in our drawing event. 

Win some art materials in the prize draw - children who entered their drawing will have their names drawn out of a hat. It's also not too late to draw and enter on the day!)

Enjoy a treasure hunt  that will take you all over the museum with pictures to match and clues to work out. When you've finished choose an ink stamp to use to decorate your treasure sheet.

Join in an Art and craft workshop making and drawing. Here's just one example of what you could make at the museum today!

Loads of natural and recycled materials to choose from. You can make a tower like this - who would live here?

Something else is going on... we are building something new for you to see on 29th. It's our response to your wishes in the wish box - but what will it become? Here are some visual clues....
Tiles - lots of them, covered in different materials.

Familiar materials, what will they become?
Tall structures developing...

Magical mushrooms! 

A dark forest of mushrooms - makes us want to play with scale and story. What could happen here?

Detail of pattern. Mushrooms lined up have character of their own.

A close up. Big mushroom!

But it grew into more than this - it grew even bigger than this!

Come and see!

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