Sunday, 1 November 2015

Fabula in China!

Hurrah!  Fabula Collective’s very first exhibition in China - “Wake Up Your Life With Illustrations”- has been open for 1 month in Zheng Zhou. The opening was on Oct 11th.

 The exhibitors are Clara Wei Fu, Louise Dennis, Jay Eunji Lee, Nele    Anders, Madeleine Swift, Yoona Lee, Emmi Smid, Nancy Yang and Yuki Yuxian Wu.

30 pieces of artwork are displayed in this show, including illustrations, photographs and animations. All the visitors were welcome to read our picture books and buy artwork.

Thanks to Tomato Lab and the Paper Time Bookstore for so nicely organising the technical stuff and offering such a wonderful exhibition venue.    

Fabula members Yuki and Nancy gave a short speech to briefly introduce Fabula to the visitors and explain what we do.

In order to represent the importance a story plays in an illustration, Yuki and Nancy designed a simple story solitaire game and guided the audience to retell “The Three Little Pigs”!
The audience paid close attention to the game.

Eventually, the original story was unexpectedly switched to a funny love story! What a surprise! Everyone in the exhibition couldn't stop laughing!

There were more than 80 visitors at the opening, including local illustrators and designers who shared their stories with us.

After the opening, we asked the visitors to fill out a questionnaire and give us some feedback. From those received questionnaires, it showed that most of the visitors were very interested in the work and were looking forward to seeing more from Fabula Collective.

Some of the visitors asked when the next exhibition of Fabula Collective in China would be. Well, we will see and let you know as soon as possible.

Written by Nancy Yang

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