Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Word of Month REPEAT - by Somin Ahn and some exciting news!

To illustrate the word REPEAT, Somin Ahn made this charming narrative in which a yellow square keeps repeating and a cat plays with it. The story is based on the concept of relativity.

Somin says she got her inspiration when she was cat-sitting for two months with a cat called Cookie. She enjoyed watching his daily routines such as looking through the windows, chasing bees and other typical cat behaviours. The relationship between the square and the cat makes the narrative: A square changes into a drawer that a cat jumps on, a square of sunshine that keeps him warm and a box that he likes the most.

Somin has now made this story into a picture book and the great news is that this book is soon to be published

This isn't the only book by Somin - her first published picture book 'One Minute', also explores the concept of relativity. The story follows a young girl facing a variety of experiences that last one minute and explores how the sense of time differs depending on the circumstances. 

We're delighted to tell you that Korean and American children will soon be able to read 'One Minute' as it will be released on Friday August 12th in Korea and on November 15th in the USA as well. Congratulations Somin!

Somin's books are being published by Corraini Edizioni, an Italian publisher that won the Bologna Prize for the Best Children's Book Publisher in Europe in 2014.
'One Minute' is a truly lovely picture book and if you'd like to find out a bit more about it or to purchase a copy please follow the links below

There is a chance to see more of Somin's work at www.fabulacollective.com and at our exciting exhibition at Hove Museum from Dec 2016 - March 2017 (for more information please read previous posts by clicking below on the label 'Hove Museum').

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