Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A Magical Exhibition of Stories At Hove Museum

Detail of The Story Cabinet - how many fairy tales can you spot?

Our Exhibition Many Ways To Tell A Story is looking so beautiful!

With 17 artists exhibiting a selection of story-themed work this show provides so many different ways to tell stories that you will find something for all ages and many different tastes.  We are excited! but it's not just down to our excitement - visitors have told us that there is a definite Christmas feel about the show - although the show does continue until May 9th. You can expect stories visualised in interesting and unexpected ways within a beautiful building set by the sea. And if that isn't evocative enough for you, perhaps the fairy lights from some of the exhibits will get you in the mood. 

The woods, a place where stories can grow. Who can you see looking out at you?

This is our biggest exhibition yet! It is bursting with stories told through book, film, 2D illustration and 3D installation on a wide variety of themes such as memories of a holiday camp, stories made in one minute, a variety children's books, a book to introduce opera to a reluctant audience, photographs that explore a sense of place, an installation situated in the fireplace inspired by the toy exhibits - and much more.  

Installation by Penelope Chong - Shadows escape down the fireplace. Inspired by Hove Museum's toy exhibits.

Peering in the round window at our private view.

Poster by Somin Ahn from her beautiful concertina book of  The Three Little Pigs (also exhibited)

Children (and adults) will enjoy using torches to spot details and identify stories in The Story Cabinet -  our collaborative piece that is made mainly from paper products and inspired by Fairy Tales. There are other interactive displays too where you can peer in with a torch for a visual surprise. Colouring and quiz sheets are available to help make the visit even more memorable for young children… and then of course there’s also Hove Museum’s magnificent permanent toy collection upstairs - and why not have some refreshment in the cafe?! Sounds like a perfect afternoon to us!

Images from Juliette Rajak's picture book 'Ellie's World'

The setting - Hove Museum

Imagine a story, there are many we know like this, that take place in a strange old mansion - itself brimming with magic and untold tales and set a little apart in some way from the rest of the world. The characters in it have to be young at heart if not actually young, and enter with a mind ready to discover their own magic and mysteries that are there to be found, if they look carefully. Then think of Hove Museum, situated well away from Brighton's city centre and near the coast. It feels a bit like a well-kept secret. There is an interesting history to Hove Museum - this building could tell a few tales.

Curated to appeal to families, it has a certain open and pleasant atmosphere, a quirkyness or originality. Perhaps there is an energy held within the building from stories in it's past - if you believe that sort of thing. Maybe it's the interesting exhibits including the huge collection of toys and games or it's collection about the history of film in Brighton and Hove. Certainly, it holds objects that would have been central to lots of tales and imaginings in their past. Somehow there is the right ambience. We think Hove Museum is a wonderful place for narratives to come alive. Fabula Collective's work  with it's focus on storytelling and narrative art fits just perfectly here.

In the busy build up to Christmas why not take some time to remember old stories and find new ones in this exhibition at Hove Museum?

Our guests look at puppets from Henny Penny by Dagmara Rudkin


STORYTELLING EVENT - next Saturday 17th at 11am and Ipm come to Hove Museum for ghost stories read by the fireside. The stories, illustrated by Fabula member Dagmara Rudkin and written by Charles Rudkin, were inspired by Hove Museum itself and are suitable for children aged 8 years and over. Charles will be reading one of three stories inspired by the toy collection at the Hove Museum & Art Gallery. Come and and hear about the evil Master Gorger taking over all the toys and imprisoning the Wizard in the Attic. Can he be defeated? 
This story comes from a collection of short stories called 'Hauntings in the Museum'. The other stories are about a ghostly Major and the famous Amber Cup.
Book to ensure a place or drop in at 11am or at Ipm.

ART WORKSHOP for children on Saturday 17th at 2.30 - 4pm run by Louise Dennis and Juliette Rajak. Come and make a Christmas decoration with a narrative twist! It is suitable for 5 -10 year olds. Book to ensure a place or drop in at 2.30. 

There is a further story themed workshop on 28th January.

For booking and further info please go to

She wants to tell you a story! - what story is it? (detail from The Story Cabinet)
Please go to the Fabula website for further information about us and please read our blog for fuller information about our artists and our preparations for the exhibition at Hove Museum. When you visit please remember to put your comments in the comments book as we'd love to hear what you think.
Embroidered dusters inspired by female characters in fairy tales and notions of domesticity. Vanessa's embroidered dolls are also on show in the exhibition.

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