Be part of the story - come and draw at Hove Museum!

Be part of the story - come and draw at Hove Museum!

Drawing in the museum and then a children's event and prize draw! Museums are full of objects that make you think of storie...

Monday, 23 January 2017

Thank You So Much For Your Comments

Thanks to everyone who has already visited Many Ways To Tell A Story at Hove Museum. We've been delighted with the comments that have been left for us in the comments book  - it's wonderful to find out what you think of the exhibition. We thought we'd post a couple of comments here to show what the response has been and to say a big 'thank you'.

Views expressed in the comments book

Thanks to Elena (above) and to Emma and Natalie for these comments (below) - we're glad you enjoyed the show and thanks for sharing your thoughts about it. Just to answer your question - the Cinderella parts of The Story Cabinet were made by different Fabula artists and it's hard to say exactly how long these details took. The Story Cabinet altogether took about three months to make with a team of us doing it. It felt like we were working on it all the time for a while so it was a good job we loved making it!  It was fun coming up with ideas, working together and imagining what it would look like when it was finished. 

More comments - thank you for these

We are so excited to see that you have also been posting suggestions for us about new things to make for The Story Cabinet. A big thank you to everyone that has suggested something for us to add - we will be responding soon!

The exhibition Many Ways To Tell A Story is on at Hove Museum & Art Gallery until May 9th.
17 artists respond to stories old and new - loads to see for all ages and it's free!
The Argus Guide
The January 2017 issue of VIVA magazine page 58-59

Also, don't miss the next story themed creative workshop for children run by Fabula members on 28th January at 10.30 at Hove Museum and Art Gallery. See previous blog post here for a taste of what to expect.

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