Monday, 11 July 2016

A little look back - Fabula at Phoenix Gallery - exhibition wins an award

In May and June we were pleased to exhibit at The Phoenix Gallery in Brighton as part of the 'Press & Release 2016' bookarts exhibition. We were thrilled to hear that the exhibition, curated by Maddy Rosenberg and designed by Curious Space, was the
winner of the Brighton Fringe Visual Arts Award 2016. We'd like to thank Phoenix Gallery for inviting us to be part of this exciting exhibition and congratulate them on winning the award.

The north gallery had an amazing exhibition of international book artists curated by Maddy Rosenberg.  The work was displayed impressively on structures designed by Curious Space and built by Ben Thomson.

Our work was exhibited with Sussex Bookarts Collective in the South Gallery in a display called 'Stories about Stories' - definitely what we're about! Also we took part in the table top book event 'Connect and Collect' and Fabula members Vanessa Marr and Pip Carter ran a workshop making handmade books.

Photos below show a cabinet of examples of our work that gave a flavour of Fabula.  The cabinet contained picture books, small models and books made to show working process, single images in sequence, narrative textiles, handmade books and short stories. There was also a chance to see films made by the five film makers in Fabula who also had their films on show throughout the exhibition.

The images below show the workshop led by Vanessa Marr and Pip Carter and some examples of books made.  This was part of the 'Connect and Collect' event. It was a lively but relaxed space where members of the public had a chance to have a go at making handmade books.

We were part of a tabletop exhibition during the 'Connect and Collect' event and all of our books were on display.

Looking forward to the next exhibition, coming soon - watch this space!

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