Thursday, 28 July 2016

What's the story? - part 1

We thought it would be fun to have a bit of a guessing game in this post that will be ongoing and always called: 

'What's the Story?'

The images below are clues to a story that will be part of The Story Cabinet - remember our previous post where we told you a little bit about that?  Fabula artist Dagmara Rudkin has made these beautiful prints, collages and drawings at Hove Museum, where we are currently artists in residence. We hope you like them as much as we do. But what story do they tell? Can you guess? 

Dagmara hasn't told us what she has in mind because that would spoil the guessing game. You may remember from our previous post about The Story Cabinet that it will refer to a fairy tale or myth. 

The above image shows a very decorative print and Dagmara has told us that it was made from nettle leaves. Could nettles themselves be a clue to the story? 

This image is part collage and part drawing. It has a wing but also resembles a human and Dagmara appears to be developing a character. As inspiration for this piece she has been drawing and photographing dolls from the museum's permanent collection.  These can be found in a room called The Wizard's Attic, upstairs at Hove Museum. This contains a fantastic collection of toys and childhood memorabilia.  We're spending a lot of time there - it's well worth a visit.

So - what stories, myths or fairy tales, do you know that feature wings or feathers? What kind of wings are these? Thinking about the dolls and the leaves, we're wondering if scale is an important clue? Perhaps the leaves could represent trees? 

Here's the last clue for this post (but there will be more to come in future posts about this story and others).  We're going to tell you, in case it helps, that when Dagmara sent this one she said it was 'a bit more obscure'. 

What's the significance of the hands? - hands with leaf textures that look like veins or wrinkles? Perhaps a connection to nature, time, or age is important? Numbers are often significant in fairy tales - are there any significant numbers here? 

We've got some ideas now but, as we said - we don't know for sure what the story is - so we might be sending you in the wrong direction!

We're looking forward to the next clue from Dagmara and we'll post it here soon.

Dagmara Rudkin is a Brighton-based visual artist whose practice crosses the boundaries of fine art, design and craft.  For more information about her work please go to the Fabula website

If you'd like to see for yourself what we are doing and how we work - do come down and see us during our residency at Hove Museum. 

The next time we will be there is Monday 1st August. 

We are easy to spot because we are all wearing black T shirts with white question marks on and we'll be very happy to talk with you and show you our work.

If you'd like to read Hove Museum's post about our residency in their 'News From The Museum' - you can do so via this link:

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