Wednesday, 14 September 2016

What's The Story? - part 2

Do you remember a post called What's the Story Part 1 about some art work made by Dagmara Rudkin giving clues to a fairy tale that we wanted you to guess?  Well, this is the post that will give you the answer (but not straight away)! First we will elaborate on some previous clues and then show some more images by Dagmara before we reveal all.

Remember this? This was the last visual clue on the previous 'What's The Story' post. Dagmara said this was a bit obscure and last time when we were wondering what it meant we said:

 " What's the significance of the hands? - hands with leaf textures that look like veins or wrinkles? Perhaps a connection to nature, time or age is important? Numbers are often significant in fairy tales - are there any significant numbers here?"

Well here's a further clue: Numbers are important in this fairy tale but not the number that might come to mind from looking at this hand. Now that we know the answer we'd say that these hands, amongst other things, are saying something about work.

If you look at the previous What's The Story post you will see feathers and wings drawn to illustrate this fairy tale. So we thought you'd like to see some more of Dagmara's drawings that were made at Hove Museum in response to their temporary exhibition "Birds of a Feather". The colourful collages were inspired by the beautiful drawings of exotic birds also exhibited there.  There is still a chance to see the 'Birds of a Feather' exhibition until 15th November.

Dagmara drawing birds at Hove Museum

The answer to What's the Story coming soon....!

We hope you enjoyed that visual interlude!  The important clues were the nettles (the number of leaves printed and nettles as part of the hand ), wings from swans, clothing or characters that had wings or feathers. 

The answer to What's the Story is ...'The Six Swans' by the Brothers Grimm.
Follow the link above to find out more about the tale and you'll be able to see how the clues relate to the story.

Fabula Collective are in residence at Hove Museum. The next time that you can come and see what we are doing at the museum is Monday 26th September. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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