Thursday, 29 September 2016

'The Camp' at a London Film Festival and Hove Museum - don't miss it!

We are pleased to tell you that Madeleine Swift's film 'The Camp' has been chosen as part of the official selection for the the Factual Animated Film Fuss Festival - a film festival that celebrates animated documentary's. 

Madeleine's film is a very touching story about childhood, nostalgia, family love and keeping important memories alive. The story, written and narrated in text by Madeleine, is really brought to life through the way that she has used archival materials and music from the time to create her illustrations and animations. This film is really special because it has the capacity to connect with people emotionally and when it was played at her MA show there was not a dry eye in the house! 

Album covers from the eighties animated to music of the day to bring memories alive.
An illustration of the actual cassette player that Madeleine owned as a child.

We particularly like her animated drawings that, with music and narration, illustrate teenage love on a holiday camp so well. 
Stills from the animation - teenage memories at the disco.

Part of this artist's skill is her way with words and for this reason she is the best person to explain how she came to make this remarkable film: 

'When I was eight years old, and after a difficult year, my grandad bought a small holiday camp set above a beautiful cove in Devon. My parents went onto run the camp for 30 years and I adored it there. This special place became important to me in more ways than one: the camp being a holiday destination combined with it's magical setting made it the most exciting place a child could be, but more than that it contained people who gave the place its heart and soul. 

A still from The Camp
After the camp went into decline it finally closed it's gates for the last time in 2007. From that moment on I had a fear of losing the memories and an overwhelming need to record my feelings of the camp and was led to the MA in Sequential Design/Illustration at the University of Brighton where I did just that. 'The Camp' animation formed part of my final project, completed in 2015, and tells my story through animation, photography, illustration and original cine-film footage'. Madeleine Swift.

The festival is on in East London from 30th September-2nd October. 'The Camp' will be screened on Saturday 1st October as part of 'Onion Skins: Personal Stories' click here to purchase your ticket. 
If you are based in Brighton and Hove and unable to make the film festival you will have another chance to see this film at our forthcoming exhibition at Hove Museum from December 3rd 2016 - March 2017.

Fabula Collective  member Madeleine Swift is a writer and illustrator based in Brighton. She creates books and films around personal stories using writing, archive material, illustration and animation in order to communicate the emotion underneath. 

A still showing a mix of cine film and illustrations

Text and reproductions of actual signs from the holiday camp are used powerfully in the film.

A little girls memories of a holiday camp

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