Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Story Cabinet Develops...

More about The Story Cabinet - our on-going collaborative piece based around fairy tales and myths...

Entering the Fairy Tale Forest

The art work from all nine artists involved will be combined in and around wooden boxes to make a rich visual display. 

An Old Wooden Drawer 

You may be able to imagine how these details might play a part in a fairy tale.

Whose Garden is This?

The project is still evolving and we are still meeting up to make work together using lots of natural materials.

Back into the Forest Using Mixed Media and Light


Several Fabula artists have joined together to work on this project. We work in many different disciplines and this creates a wide variety of potential ways to tell stories and collaborate with each other. Each of us responds to the project in a different way. 
Fairy Tale Trees - One Way to Make Them
Playing with Scale to Make These Trees.

There are details that we're deliberately leaving out here - so there will be some surprises. This piece will appeal to children and adults and will have some interactive elements. We hope you will come and see it at Hove Museum from 3rd December.

Fabula artists involved in the Story Cabinet are Richard Clarke, Lou Wishart, Penelope Chong, Louise Dennis, Katherine Perret, Juliette Rajak, Dagmara Rudkin, Mags Swift and Ruby Hermon.   Further information about our work can be found on the Fabula website.

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